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30+ years of leading domestic and international companies with a drive to continually learn, innovate and produce results has taken Melanie from the warehouse to the boardroom. Teams respect and follow her because of her credibility, she has done the job.


Melanie started her career in sales, and her results quickly caught the attention of executives that coached and mentored her through the ranks to the role of company president. The opportunity to be mentored by Forbes business leaders and respected executives has been her edge.

30+ years in leadership

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Her experience, skills and style give her the unique ability to evaluate all aspects of a business or organization processes to quickly create a strategic plan that focuses on what really matters. She will make sense and focus on results. Her leadership style and training create trust, credibility, respect, and belief. Everyone matters on a Sparks Team as she will develop the team as part of the plan.

Melanie specializes in strategy, sales, marketing, systems, and processes that drive and support business growth and the bottom line. She will bring out the best in any leader, organization, or entrepreneur.

Over the past few years, she has led or consulted for a diverse group of clients ranging from social marketing to the energy industry. The skills and strategies she has refined throughout her career have proven to be applicable and highly effective in any business.

Melanie knows where to look and what to ask to quickly find the gaps in any business or organization to uncover opportunities and solutions for breakthrough results.

Sparks Will Fly in any business when the right vision and strategy are executed to earn the confidence of your team and attention of your customers.