Why Melanie?

"I would be happy to work with Melanie again at any time and I recommend her for any professional team that is looking for a TRUE LEADER."

"Working with Melanie at Steeped Tea in the DSA industry in Canada, enabled me to see 1st hand what many years of successful knowledge of the Direct Selling Industry can bring to a company.


Her ability to read a field and know how to strategically structure the company for growth was a well needed breath of fresh air for the company! Her infectious attitude and work ethic make you want to exceed, break down the barriers and belief in the plan.


Her professional leadership skills and her ability to be a mentor to others and pass on her knowledge to help grow others is something that all professionals should strive for in my opinion.


With Melanie around the team felt motivated to challenge themselves, perform at their best and take pride in what they had accomplished! ...and the team accomplished many great things under her leadership in a short period of time!


No challenge was too scary for Melanie and we worked together as a united team to execute the plan no matter how challenging the obstacles. Her ability to read the entire business and own the full P&L from Operations to Finance, Marketing and Field Sales, was impressive.

Melanie excels at breaking down complex problems into simple analytical frameworks and then guiding the team to overcoming them. She is highly intelligent, responsive, compassionate and a true leader!


I would be happy to work with Melanie again at any time and I recommend her for any professional team that is looking for a TRUE LEADER."

infectious attitude
true leader
Marcel Robitaille / Former Director of Operations / Steeped Tea

"I had the pleasure of working with Melanie for a ten-year period with Watkins Incorporated.


Melanie's strong principles, high energy, creativity, and innovation were quickly recognized with increasing levels of responsibility and leadership. I am very happy to witness Melanie's continued personal growth and business success after leaving Watkins.


There is no hesitation in recognizing Melanie's strengths particularly in the areas of organizational leadership and strategic planning. I would welcome the opportunity to work "with" or "for" Melanie in the future."

strong principles
Jim Yenish / Former COO / Watkins International

"Melanie is a dynamic leader, adept at strategic planning, and then able to implement those plans. She creates high performing teams.


While at PartyLite my group provided support to Melanie and her team. Her staff had a tremendous team attitude and there was always a strong element of cooperation and dedication to the task at hand.


She is one of the best motivational speakers in Direct Selling. She has an infectious can-do attitude. Working with her was professionally rewarding."

Joe Salierno / Former Americas VP Operations / PartyLite 

"Melanie is an incredible leader, who inspires people and teams in reaching their full potential, both professionally and personally. Her beautiful heart combined with her brilliant business mind draws people to her to achieve greatness.


Melanie changed my life, and I can honestly say that she is a big part of who and where I am today."

Karen Rattray / Technical Operations Manager